Hair Relaxers Cause Woman’s Balding

Hair rRelaxers are popular among Afro-Caribbean women

A woman has filed suit against a beauty supply store and the manufacturer of a hair relaxer, claiming the chemical burned her scalp and caused balding.

Luerine Eldridge of St. Louis claims she purchased the hair relaxer from a beauty discount store in July 2007 and after applying it, says it severely burned her scalp, caused extreme itching, hair thinning and left her with an infected and inflamed scalp. According to Luerine, she wasn’t warned about the dangers of the product and is now suing for $300,000 plus costs.

Most people who suffer hair loss will be subject to some degree of emotional distress, but Luerine says she has endured more than just the physical side effects and emotional trauma. She says she has also incurred medical expenses, lost wages and suffered disability, loss of a normal life and disfigurement.

It will be interesting to see how the case pans out because Luerine, who just filed the suit on 17 June, isn’t the only hair loss sufferer to make a claim. A balding art teacher went before a Glasgow judge to make a disability claim, alleging the ‘impairment’ interfered with his ability to work. The judge ruled against the claim but Luerine’s case is a bit different.

Hair dye, straighteners and relaxers are all damaging to the quality of hair at the best of times, but chemical hair treatments can also cause hair loss if, in the case of Luerine, they burn the scalp. The hair follicles shrivel and scar, effectively leaving a bald, barren patch of scalp. Manufacturers and beauty professionals need to ensure people are made aware of the possible dangers of products like hair relaxers.

Clinically proven hair loss treatments can help in cases where over-styling has lead to diffuse thinning or instigated female pattern hair loss, but transplants or non-surgical hair replacement may be the only effective option for scarring alopecia.

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