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Hair plugs are a turn-off


Second only to excessive tanning, hair plugs are the ‘ultimate turnoffs’ for North American women according to the Harlequin Romance Report 2009.

hair-loss-and-dating-relationshipsToronto based Harlequin is the world’s leading publisher of series romance and women’s fiction with over 120 new titles each month. Each year they undertake a survey about an aspect of romantic love which they publish. This years is called the Harlequin Romance Report 2009: Perfect Love? Fantasy meets reality.

So, besides avoiding surgery for hair loss and heading for more natural looks, what can men learn from the survey to improve their love lives? Quick tips include: try harder at birthdays .. most women feel let down by what their partners do. Give up smoking, get fitter, and don’t be afraid to wear your well-tailored suit. Buy a GPS .. navigating coolly with that is much sexier than arguing over directions. And don’t try snogging in public .. holding hands is a much better bet.

Is it all true? Well 44% of American woman get turned on more by their men doing the chores than by foreplay. A likely story.

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