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Hair Loss Video Diary and Hair Comparison – Month 6


See Diya’s newest videos below, but please read this information first.

Diya has now been using a Belgravia Centre hair loss treatment course for 6 months. Here you will find his 6 month review and a direct comparison of his hair at month one and month 6. We received a comment when we published Diya’s first hair growth comparison (month 1 compared to month 3) – somebody said that the comparison would have been fairer and easier to compare had his hair have been a little shorter in the second video, to match the length of his hair in the first.  We took note of this and made sure that his hair was cut very short for the most recent video.

On doing this it has lead us to believe that Diya’s hair was in fact no longer in the 3 month video, but the hair is so much thicker that it gave this impression. If you go back to the 3 month comparison and observe the length at the sides of his head you will be able to see this for yourself. With this in mind we have invited Diya back for another comparison next week so that we can match the length exactly to the first video again. So be sure to check back.

The great news is that even with Diya’s hair much shorter than it was in month 1, you can still see the significant improvement that his treatment course has made. Take particular notice of the areas where Diya’s hair was thinner at day 1 on his crown and temples (top and front) – I think we can safely say he has made a full recovery!

SEE DIYA’S MONTH 1 AND MONTH 3 VIDEOS HERE. You can also see all our videos on the BELGRAVIA CENTRE YOUTUBE CHANNEL. We’ve got some very exciting ideas for future videos, including many more diaries, so please subscribe to the channel so that we can keep you up-to-date. You can also see these and all our other videos in high quality or HD on YouTube.

Here are the newest videos…

Video 5 – Day 179 (Month 6)

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.belgraviacentre.com/imagecentre/Videos/Diya_Month_6.flv” width=”425″ height=”240″/]

Video 6 – Day 1 to day 179 hair growth comparison

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.belgraviacentre.com/imagecentre/Videos/Diya_Month_6_Comparison.flv” width=”410″ height=”320″ /]

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