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How far would you go to get the best hair loss treatment? Baldness is not a new concept since the dawn of time men have concocted some unbelievable remedies to treat hair loss and many in fact have inspired a lot of the alternative hair loss treatments around today. Thankfully, during the past few decades with the emergence of clinically and scientifically proven hair loss treatments, superstition, old wives tales, and guess work has gradually been replaced by science. But the things some people believed …

egyptian hair loss remediesAncient Egypt

Egyptians, famous for their extravagant wigs, were searching for a hair loss cure 4,000 years ago. One ‘cure’ involved reciting a magic spell to the sun god and then swallowing a mixture of onions, iron, red lead, honey and alabaster. Another popular hair loss remedy was to rub the fats of various animals onto the scalp. Clearly these were desperate times for hair growth.

Ancient Rome

We can all thank Julius Caesar for inspiring the worst hair trend in history. Apparently, in an attempt to hide his thinning hair, Caesar grew his remaining hair long at the back and then combed it forward over his bald spot. We should have known the comb over was ancient.

The Amazon

An apple a day keeps the doctor away so could a banana a day keep hair loss at bay? The Taiwano Indians in the South American rainforests believed that scalp problems and hair loss could be treated with the heated extracts of bananas.

17th Century Briton

Keeping themselves fit and fine certainly wasn’t easy for British men in the 17th century. The male health magazines at the time advised them to apply chicken dung to keep from going bald, and apply cat dung to remove hair from unwanted places.

1876-1913 America

If only keeping your hair meant running a brush through it. Today, most people experiencing hair loss today are petrified to see how many extra strands are in the brush. However, in Victorian America the vigorous brushing of hair with a stiff brush was thought to promote soft and shiny hair, while soft hair brushes were believed to promote the hair growth. Also applying a concoction of cologne, spirit of camphor, and a pigment of cantharides each night was believed to prevent hair loss.

Ancient Greece

hippocrates hair lossThe truth is, in the majority of cases, hair loss in men and hair loss in women is caused by male hormones, but it was Hippocrates, the 'Father of Modern Medicine', who first recognised a connection. Hippocrates observed that men castrated before puberty did not suffer from hair loss. We know today that this is due to the absence of testosterone, which is normally converted into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT the active ingredient in baldness. Hippocrates developed a number of different treatments including a mixture of horseradish, cumin, pigeon droppings, and nettles to the scalp. But this and other treatments failed to work and he lost the rest of his hair. Funnily enough, Duke University researchers came to the conclusion in 1995 that "while castration may be a cure, it is not commercially acceptable."

Modern and Acceptable Hair Loss Solutions

We have come a long way in the treatment of hair loss but unfortunately there are still hundreds of hair loss products that hold about as much hope in restoring hair as the ancient remedies did.

Hair loss is a multi-factorial condition so there is no one guaranteed treatment for hair loss. However, specially prescribed combinations of proven hair loss treatments will ensure hair loss stabilisation and hair regrowth in the great majority of cases. As a hair loss sufferer you can take solace in knowing that today you have treatments for hair loss only dreamed of by the Kings of ancient Egypt and the Emperors of Rome.

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