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Hair Loss Treatment Options

As one in three women and one in two men will be affected by hair loss at some stage of their lives, it’s likely to be a concern for the majority of the population. However, apart from some old wives tales and hair-plug horror stories, many people don’t know what hair loss treatment options are available or how effective they are. This information will provide you with everything you need to know about the top treatments, what you can expect and how you can best maintain hair growth.

Medical Hair Loss Treatments

Not many people would jump at the chance to go under the knife, which is just as well because clinically proven medical treatments are always recommended to be trialled first. They have high success rates and low occurrences of side effects and are fast becoming the preferred method of hair retention.

Propecia is a daily pill that works to stop the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – the product within the body that, in some people, causes hair follicles to shrink. DHT is the main cause of male and female pattern baldness, or genetic hair loss but Propecia prevents the miniaturisation of the hair follicle, allowing for continued, normal hair growth. It has been approved by the MHRA and the FDA for the treatment of hair loss but can only be used by men. However, there are alternatives for women.

Minoxidil is also MHRA and FDA approved but is a topical hair loss treatment that, applied once or twice a day to the affected areas, helps stimulates hair growth. It’s a vasodilator which means it works in a different way to Propecia, but Belgravia’s formulas include added ingredients that may also help reduce DHT levels locally around the scalp, which is beneficial for women with genetic hair loss.

Medical Hair Loss Treatment Results

Month 1                            Month 13

The success of these treatments alone has proven to stop or reverse hair loss but, although there is no firm evidence, Belgravia has found that a fine-tuned, combination course with complementary hair growth boosters is beneficial for some to gain improved results.

Follicular Unit Transplant

Not everyone will be a good candidate but for those who are, a follicular unit transplant is the best surgical option. Implant techniques have greatly improved over the years and the most recently advanced technique mimics the way that hair grows naturally.

Follicular Unit ExtractionThe treatment usually involves removing stips of hair follicles from the scalp and redistributing them but the latest technique, follicular unit extraction, removes individual hair follicles. It provides a more natural result and leaves only minimal scars, however there is still some recovery time and it doesn’t prevent further hair loss in those who have a genetic predisposition. Medical hair loss treatments may be needed to maintain the new hair growth.

The HairMax LaserComb

The HairMax LaserComb is the only treatment of its kind to be cleared by the FDA for hair loss. Success of laser therapy differs from person to person, with the results dependent upon how far advanced the occurrence of hair loss and if any medical hair loss treatments are also being used.

For those who still have a fair amount of hair, the Laser Comb has shown the ability to thicken up hair growth by increasing the number of terminal hairs. For others with a concerning amount of thinning hair or hair loss, the Belgravia Centre often supplies the HairMax LaserComb free as part of its combination hair loss treatment courses. When used alongside medical treatments, the Laser Comb helps to increase blood flow and stimulate cells within the hair follicles, providing enhanced results.

The most important aspect of the HairMax LaserComb, apart from being completely safe, painless and with no side effects, it is simple to use and cost effective.

Stem Cell Treatments for Hair Loss

Stem Cell ResearchIt may be up to a decade before they’re made available but hopes are high for stem cell hair loss treatments. If it does become available, the treatment would involve implanting a mixture of cells into the scalp that would regenerate hair growth and effectively reverse baldness.

Research is still in the experimental stages but scientists have isolated the stem cells involved in hair growth, been able to generate growth in bald mice and are anticipating the same results in humans. However there are still some remaining barriers, namely the inability of researchers to be able to multiply hair or generate aesthetically satisfactory hair growth, but they are continuing to find ways of manipulating hair growth.

Hair Replacement Systems

Despite the insinuation in the name, there aren’t a lot of hair loss treatments for men or women who have lost all their hair. Wigs, hair pieces, toupees, whatever you’d like to call them – hair replacement systems have had widespread use throughout history and are still an effective option for the right people.

For those who don’t have enough hair for a transplant, don’t like the idea of life-long medications or just need a bit of extra coverage, hair replacement systems are an excellent option. You can get them made from real hair that’s sewn into a ‘cap’ that resembles the scalp, so even when you look through the hair it’s not notable that you’re wearing a wig. If you think you fit the bill, it’s worth consulting a hair loss specialist just to check out the range, quality and realness of what’s available these days.

To find out more about these or any other hair loss treatment options, contact the UK’s leading hair loss specialists on 020 7730 6666 or send an email. You can also receive a personal hair loss analysis from one of Belgravia’s specialists by booking a free consultation or, if you can’t visit the centre, by completing the online diagnostic form.

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