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Hair Loss Treatment: Medication or Transplant?

If you’re hair has started to thin and you’re afraid that you could be headed for significant hair loss, there are a number of treatments available to you but the secret is in knowing which ones are worth your while. A hair transplant springs to mind for a lot of people and has been a popular choice for John Cleese and Francis Rossi. They, and a lot of other people, may have tried hair supplements and herbal remedies before resorting to transplants, but very often medical hair loss treatments can provide a much better and more effective alternative. Francis Rossi’s missing ponytail confirms just how ineffective hair transplants can sometimes be long-term.

John Cleese's Hair TransplantA hair transplant is a four to six hour procedure that costs up to £5,000 a pop and most people have to return three or four times before they get the results they want. For that price you could have had up to 20 years of hair loss treatment medication and much better results for your money.

There are two medications proven to prevent and reverse hair loss – Propecia and minoxidil. If they are administered in the right quantities for an individual and supported with the right hair growth boosters, hair loss can, and is, continually treated effectively.

Faulty Tower’s icon John Cleese admitted to a hair transplant: “Because I have got a very strange shaped head. It’s very pointy. And I don’t like wearing wigs.”

Similarly, Status Quo’s Francis Rossi was initially happy with his hair transplant but the 59-year-old recently said farewell to his trademark ponytail because there wasn’t enough hair to form a decent ‘do. It was at the age of 49 that the rocker said he noticed his hair was thinning and decided to do something about it.

“I never worried that I was becoming thin on top, but pictures of me tended to let the band down,” Rossi said.

Francis Rossi's Hair Transplant BlunderRossi splashed out on a hair transplant at a Harley Street clinic where surgeons took hairs from the back of his head and replanted them in areas where he was going bald.

“I am a founder member of the ‘No Way Toupee Club’, so it had to be a transplant,” Rossi said after the surgery. “It was quite painless and I am happy with the result.”

A decade later however and the showman says he couldn’t avoid male pattern baldness with a transplant.

“In the past few years my hair has got so thin that there’s not enough to work into a decent ponytail,” he said. “So I decided to forget about clinging to my youth and that it was time to grow old gracefully.”

A hair transplant is an extreme measure of uprooting still active hair follicles and transplanting them to the areas of the scalp which need a bit of attention but there are still areas of hair that are susceptible to hair loss around the area of transplanted hair, so over time these hairs will continue to thin. Hair loss medications work to stimulate the withering hair follicles and generate new hair growth as long as you use them.

Not only do hair loss medications prevent further hair loss and generate new hair growth but the results are maintained. Unfortunately Rossi and so many other hair loss sufferers don’t know that there are hair loss products that work. Many herbal and cosmetic products, such as Nourkrin, Provillus or Toppik, are often inferred as solutions to hair loss when in fact they are not conclusively proven to treat hair loss at all. The only treatments that have been extensively proven to stabilise and reverse the effects of hair loss, are those licensed by the MHRA (UK) and approved by the FDA (US).

For more information about the medically approved and clinically proven treatments for hair loss, contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email. Consultations are free or you can complete an online diagnostic form to find out how your hair loss can be treated with the world-wide mail-order hair loss service.

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