Hair Loss Treatment for Women: Two Month Progress

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Practice what you preach. That’s what they say, isn't it? Well, I finally took my own advice and am now on my way to recovering the volume and quality of hair I used to have with the help of a Belgravia hair loss treatment course.

I am 23-years-old, female, and I thought I was paranoid. I'm from Australia and started working at The Belgravia Centre as a receptionist while on a working holiday visa. It wasn't long before I began studying my centre part each morning and wondering if the hair fall I saw each day was the average hundred or if it was more. I dismissed the idea but I couldn't deny the obvious when, after two years away from family and long-term friends, some of their first comments were, "Gosh your hair's got thin!" Some would be offended by such personal remarks but I was elated that suspicions about my own thinning hair were confirmed. I finally knew that I wasn't going crazy, and that I could now take the steps to do something about my hair.

I filled in an online diagnostic form and was diagnosed with diffuse and female pattern hair loss and recommended a course of treatment, primarily consisting of minoxidil MPG. Further suspicions were confirmed following the diagnosis as to the cause.

I suspected that the family history of hair loss, which is on my father's side but can be from both, had descended upon me. I had the inherent gene which was triggered early on in life by an illness and medication, and made worse when I lost a lot of hair through breakage after a period of dying my natural brunette locks blonde - a triple whammy in hair loss.

Like most people, I had lost between 25 and 50% of my original hair density before I started to really question if I had a hair loss problem. It was starting to take its toll on my confidence too. A close friend once told me she thought my best feature was my hair, and I was all too aware that it was not only much thinner than it used to be, but the texture was also changing. Natural beach curls had transformed into limp and lifeless strands that had no body, and it just didn't look as healthy as it used to. Now that I look back, I can’t understand why I let myself believe that I was just looking into it too much.

I've been on the treatment now for two months and already my family is commenting on how healthy my hair looks. The shedding had all but stopped after a couple of weeks. Strange, I thought, because sometimes you'll shed extra in order to make way for the new round of hair growth. A couple of weeks later it started to fall again and I thought, 'Ah, this it.' Now though it's much less than before, and I've notice that any hair that does fall has little bulbs on the end, which means my hair is already stronger and not simply breaking along the shaft; rather, it's falling naturally when it's meant to.

Ordinarily we don't monitor people's progress until the three month mark, but I got so excited because I could already start to feel a difference. The average rate of hair growth is 1.2cm per month, so theoretically any new hair growth could potentially be about 2.4cm long by now. I could see these short hairs sprouting and, although my ponytail is no thicker just yet, closer to my scalp I could literally feel that it was more dense when I'd run my fingers through my hair.

I should achieve maximum results in 12 months time, but I took these photos myself and would love to hear what you think of my results so far.

Crown Hair Loss Comparison

Before                                            Month 2

Frontal Hairline

Before                                           Month 2

Left Temporal Area

Before                                        Month 2

Right Temporal Area

Before                                       Month 2

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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss