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Hair Loss Trauma For Tamara?


Tamara Beckwith Hair LossTamara Beckwith is a socialite and TV presenter who has always sported a long mane of blonde hair.

Unfortunately for Tamara, that long blond hair could be at risk. The star of This Morning, Watchdog and countless reality TV shows has been pictured with bald patches at the side of her head.

The effects of extensions

Hair extensions can look lovely but they can also cause a distressing hair loss condition called traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive amounts of tension on the hair shafts. This causes the hair to be pulled and can damage the follicle. Over long periods of time, under these circumstances, the condition will cause the production of hair to slow down and finally cease.

Although it is mainly extensions that cause this condition, traction alopecia can also arise after too much usage of weaves, glues and tight hairstyles. As we all know, many celebrities have different and unnatural hairstyles every time they are spotted in public, so it’s no surprise that traction alopecia is a growing cause of female hair loss among rich and famous.

What can Tamara do now?

If Tamara seeks out specialist advice and hair loss treatment sooner rather than later, her hair could be back to normal before you can say “I’m a celebrity – get my hair out of here!”

There are certain treatments, especially those that we offer here at the Belgravia Centre, that can repair not only traction alopecia but female pattern hair loss conditions in general.  If you’re suffering like Tamara, why not contact us for some advice?

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