Hair Loss Solutions That Won’t Cost You A Cent

Keep Your Money and Your Hair with These Free Hair Loss Solutions

They say you get what you pay for but when it comes to maintaining your hairline, there are times when you really can get something for nothing. Hair loss is not always out of your control and there are solutions that won't cost you a cent. Find out some ways you can improve the quality of your hair and help it regrow if you’re experiencing temporary hair thinning...

Take a Walk

Stress is in everyone’s lives and in small doses it’s actually good for you. But if you’re under constant pressure at work or are looking after a terminally ill family member, that kind of prolonged, steady stress begins to take its toll on your health and will eventually show in your hair. During times of stress, cortisone is release into the body. It’s this hormone that is responsible for converting the hairs into a stage of “rest” and leads to excessive shedding of hair. If stress levels are kept under control, normal hair growth will resume after the old hairs have shed. Studies have shown that exercise is one of the best relievers of stress and in turn reduces levels of cortisone in the body, and outdoor walking won’t cost you a cent.

Eat the Right Foods

Hair loss is often associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which just goes to show the old mantra, “you are what you eat”, is true. Women's hair loss is often the result of a lack of iron, the building block of healthy hair, and vegetarians often lack protein and various other nutrients. Stock up on lean red meats (or chick peas for vegetarians), nuts, lentils and green leafy vegetables to up your intake of iron, protein and zinc, and avoid alcohol, caffeine and processed foods which can deteriorate food’s nutritional content and possibly contribute to the progression of hair loss. OK, it might cost you the grocery bill but we’ve just saved you a nutritionist’s fee!

Take Care of Your Hair

A recent Israeli study suggests that combing can cause baldness, but researchers conceded the small study which involved 14 women was “a very simple, primitive experiment”. Still, there are many styling habits can lead to the appearance of thinning hair, if split ends and breakage along the shaft are the results of a deteriorated quality of the hair. Some hair practices such as cornrows, rollers and tight ponytails can even lead to a receding hairline or bald patches, because the constant pulling can damage the hair follicles. If you suspect your hair thinning could be done to poor hair care, try dyeing your hair less and give the straighteners, extensions or braids a break. You could even save money as well as your hairline!

These are just some simple and cost-effective hair loss solutions that could help your situation, but nothing can compare to getting sound, medical advice from a hair loss specialist. At the Belgravia Centre, face-to-face consultations are free and the online diagnostic form provides a point of access for people who cannot make it to the London-based centre. Call them on 020 7730 6666 for more information. Whether you’re hair loss is likely to be genetic, there’s an underlying medical problem that needs addressing, or simple lifestyle changes are the solution to your hair thinning, the Belgravia Centre is here for you to find out.

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