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Hair Loss Round Up: Bruce Willis, Amber Rose & Julianne Hough

amber rose hairThere has been a lot of hair loss talk in the press this week, thanks to the latest Die Hard movie, featuring the bald Bruce Willis, socialite and Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose discussing her decision to shave her head, and actress Julianne Hough contemplating doing just that.

Bruce The Bald

Firstly, 25 years after it first came to our screens, the hugely successful Die Hard movie franchise is back with its fifth movie:  A Good Day To Die Hard. Willis’s bald pate is a key part of his tough guy image, and at the age of 57, the little hair that’s left around the sides and back of his head has turned to grey (hair loss due to onset of male pattern baldness involves losing hair from the top of the scalp, not from the sides).

Willis is certainly leading the charge of actors playing tough guys who prefer to keep their hair short, and as a recent study showed that bald men are perceived as more manly, he’s certainly on the right track. The extent of his hair loss means that should the actor has left it too late to treat his hair loss medically, though a clinically proven hair loss treatment programme can really help to stop the rate of loss and regrow hair in men who still have some coverage on the top of their scalp.

Inspired by Sinead

The next bald-headed celeb to make the headlines this week was wife of Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose, known for her striking blonde shaved head. Discussing the choice to shave her head, Rose stated that: “When I was a little girl I used to love Sinéad O’Connor’s video and song Nothing Compares 2 U…I knew I wanted to look as beautiful as she did one day, so when I was old enough to make my own decisions, at 19, I cut it off, and it’s been over eight years now.”

Hollywood star Julianne Hough has also been talking about her “fantasy” of going bald this week, though she is yet to take the plunge. Speaking to promote her latest film Safe Haven, Hough mused that she had “always had this obsession” about shaving her head. Unlike Amber Rose, however, the reasoning was less about aesthetics and “more to make my hair healthy and just to like, start over. I grew up as a toe-head blonde, but I’ve had so many chemicals in it now”.

Baldness Needs To Be Your Choice

Hough will be pleased to know that whilst dying hair can damage the existing strands, new hair should grow through unharmed. However, if you’re losing your hair involuntarily, the fact that these stars are either bald or considering taking the plunge may be of little comfort. A clinically proven hair loss programme that contains Propecia and minoxidil, the only hair loss treatments licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA, can offer a much needed solution to shedding, although medications can be optimised by using them with a variety of treatment boosters, which your dedicated hair loss specialist will allocate to you based upon the exact needs of your individual case. Bald can be brave and beautiful, but it should always be your choice.

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