Hair Loss Question: Could The Follicles Be Closed?



Question: I noticed I was losing my hair from the front 17 years ago. I am 50-years-old now. I have tried everything to bring it back by refraining to use chemicals; instead I was using herbal stuff. Could it be that the follicles are now closed? The interesting thing is I have a lot hair from the middle to the back of my head but not in the front of my head (my hairline). I have lost all confidence in myself and I need to gain it back but I cannot afford the fees as I am unemployed.
I await your kind advice as to what I should do to gain my confidence back.

Which stage of hair loss are you at?Answer: It's difficult to assess without seeing the area of hair loss, but I would presume that your hair follicles are not dead; rather, the herbal products you have been using are not enought to treat the condition.

Assuming you have genetic thinning, which is similar in men and women in that it is restricted to the crown (top of the scalp), medically licensed hair loss treatments should theoretically work to at least some degree. The rule of thumb is that only once the area has gone completely smooth and is in fact "bald", are the hair follicles closed and unreceptive to such treatment. It does not sound like this is the case for you.

Hair loss in women is often accompanied by feelings of lowered confidence and self-esteem, but there truly is something you can still do. Have a look at our patients' before and during treatment photos and one young woman's hair loss video diary many women who were once in your position too, have seen amazing improvements in their hair and confidence.

Like these women you can book an appointment to see a specialist, or fill in an online diagnostic form if you can't travel to London, to find out more about your condition, what treatment or combination of treatments would work best for you, and the kind of results you can realistically expect from them.

Please call the centre on 020 7730 6666 if you'd like to arrange a consultation, or for more information. In the meantime, I would suggest talking to your hairdresser and asking for tips and advice about hairstyles or accessories that could disguise the thinning.

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