Hair Loss Product Doesn't Work: Balding Man Sues

A man is suing the company that sold him baldness tablets in a class-action that could set back the company by £18 million, because the product does not work.

Balding Man SuesTeva-Altman falsely claims its hair restorative product HRRoots will stop hair loss and restore growth, according to Ehud Nathan who used the tablets for a year and a half.

Nathan argues the product's efficacy has never been proven by scientific studies or in clinical trials, despite Teva-Altman's claims that it has.

Teva-Altman develops, markets and sells a range of food supplements, homeopathy products, medical cosmetics and natural and organic food stuffs, but Nathan says the company violated health regulations when it attributed medical benefits to a nutritional supplement.

Additionally, aside from being an unproven hair loss treatment, Nathan claims HRRoots could cause physical harm.

Teva-Altman has not yet commented on the lawsuit but said its baldness tablets have proven effective for many people who have used them and that they are recommended by doctors in Israel.

Nathan's motion relies on an expert opinion from dermatologist Dr Arie Lifshitz, who wrote that there was no evidence that the hair loss product HRRoots can stop balding or stimulate regrowth.

According to Lifshitz, HRRoots contain a number of minerals and plant extracts that could be beneficial for hair health in those who are lacking those particular nutrients, but they will not treat hair loss and could potentially be harmful.

"The medical literature opines that taking additives that the body does not lack could cause damage," Lifshitz said.

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