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Hair Loss More Concerning for Men than Memory Loss

worried about hair lossHair loss is a major worry for men, ranking amongst their top three concerns about ageing and even more concerning than memory loss. Despite this, only a minority of those suffering from hair loss seek help for their problem even though effective treatments are available.

Hair loss is closely identified with ageing and according to the survey conducted by Nelson Sofres (TNS) Direct Services, more men are worried about hair loss than losing memory, impotence or wrinkles. Of those surveyed who are not currently affected by hair loss, almost half are worried about the prospect of looking older with any future hair loss.

Up to 80 percent of men will experience male pattern baldness and whilst some will feel empowered by their distinguished finish, others can feel less attractive, as well as older and are more likely to be the butt of jokes from other people.

Almost a third of hair loss sufferers surveyed have to put up with jokes about their hair loss, while 20 percent find that other people often overestimate how old they are and 11 percent believe that others see them as less attractive.

“These findings do not surprise me,” Leonora Doclis, senior trichologist at the Belgravia Centre said.

“Male pattern hair loss can significantly affect the way men view themselves, however, it is a treatable condition that can be halted and even reversed.

“Most people notice if their hair is thinning or receding but sometimes it’s not until someone takes the mickey out of them that they actually seek advice or treatment.”

Clearly, the effects of hairloss are not just skin deep and a significant proportion of men are negatively affected. However only four percent of men affected by hair loss who took part in the TNS research have sought medical advice from a GP, pharmacist, trichologist or dermatologist and of these, 29 percent feel that their concerns have not been taken seriously. Just over half have been offered treatment, even though there are three effective treatments currently available and despite this, 36 percent were offered herbal remedies.

bald-manAn estimated 6.5 million men are affected by male pattern hair loss in the UK. Unfortunately there are a number of miracle cures which prey on the desperate hair loss sufferer but the fact is there are only three treatments that are proven to be an effective basis for a hair loss treatment programme – Propecia, minoxidil and the Laser Comb. All three are FDA approved or cleared and scientifically proven to prevent hair loss and even regrow hair.

Male pattern hair loss is a very common condition but with the professional advice and monitoring from a specialist, you can be assured you’ll receive the best care and the best hair loss treatment available.

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