Hair Loss More Concerning During Recession

In tough times, it’s important to know where your priorities lie. Money isn’t everything as one survey has discovered. When everything’s said and done, men and women are both aware of the value of their hair.

According to an online survey of 1,407 people conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), hair loss is at the forefront of peoples' concerns with a staggering 59.8% of people rather having more hair than money or friends.

Hair loss is more of a worry in poor economic timesAccording to William M. Parsley, M.D., president of the ISHRS, in dire financial times the importance of a good head of hair is more valuable than ever.

"This survey confirms that even during tough economic times, the desire for more hair is undeniably strong and seen by many as an investment with real dividends - both personally and professionally," Dr. Parsley said.

There’s not much of a difference between the men and the women either only 3% more women than men indicated they wanted more hair than more money or friends.

You’d assume physical appearance would be less concerning than other things in times where jobs are hard to come by and friends, perhaps even more so, but surprisingly only 26.2% of people would prefer more money and unimpressively just 13.9% said they would rather have more friends.

"These days, men and women are looking for any edge in this tight job market,” Dr. Parsley said. “Getting their hair restored can help make people more marketable to employers in looking more youthful, not to mention more confident in their overall appearance."

Almost half the UK’s male population suffers male pattern baldness and an estimated eight million women are affected by female hair loss. This survey highlights the extent of emotional concern hair loss can inflict on an individual, to the point where their condition becomes all consuming.

At least it’s reassuring to know that if you can’t control the economy, you can at least control your hair growth. Hair loss is a manageable condition and hair restoration is possible these days thanks to proven medical treatments. A combination of hair loss treatments, administered in the right dose for the individual, and a mix of appropriate hair growth boosters has proven to be the most beneficial method of treating thinning hair and restoring lost hair.

If hair loss is a concern for you, don’t let it take control of your life contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 to arrange a meeting with a hair loss specialist or send an email for further information. Alternatively, the UK’s leaders in hair loss prevention also offer an online diagnostic form, allowing anyone access to expert advice, recommendation and treatment, from anywhere in the world.

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