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Question: I previously used Body Shop Ice Blue shampoo hitch was brilliant and seemed to control hair loss. Unfortunately this product was discontinued; I then switched to Alpecin, I also used its hair tonic. I have used this for over three years, always keeping it on my scalp for two minutes or more. I can truly say since using it my hair loss has got a lot worse. This product certainly has NOT helped one joy

Answer: Hi Mike, it is a common misconception but shampoo does not treat hair loss, and neither does hair tonic. This is the likely reason that - as is the case with male pattern baldness - your hair thinning has increased over the years and is getting worse.

Male pattern hair loss leads to gradually thinning hair anywhere/all over the top of the scalp and hairline, which deteriorates year after year at a rate which differs from person to person. This rate can be accelerated by lifestyle factors including stress, diet and smoking or as a side effect of illness or prescription drugs. As it is a permanent condition, this thinning will continue and may lead to baldness, unless treated.

There are no shampoos medically-proven to treat hair loss, however there are two medications which are both MHRA and FDA approved for this purpose. You can find out more about these on our Male Hair Loss Treatment page.

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