Hair Loss is Affecting My Dating But Not Sure I Suit a Shaved Head'

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Question: Hi Fam, so i am getting older now... 2 years ago I lost my partner in a car accident and now I have just got back into the dating scene, I am having trouble finding an attractive partner due to my hair loss. I am 28 years of age... and have lost most of my frontal hair I have recently noticed a bald patch starting to appear at the top of my head. should I get a hair transplant or go for the completely bald shaved look? I don't think I can pull it off though. I am physically fit and work in an office where stress is potentially the main cause of hair loss. should I resign and live on a resort island? Help please

Answer: Hi, Ossy. We're sorry to hear you've been through such a stressful time. If you were moving for better weather and a more relaxed way of life we'd completely understand, but there's no need to move to an island on account of your hair loss!

A receding hairline and thinning crown are classic signs of male pattern baldness. The cause of this is genetics - it is an inherited condition - although you are right that stress can make this type of hair loss worse. It could be worth looking into ways to manage your work stress through exercise and/or relaxation techniques.

You can of course try shaving your head - many men like the bald look but it boils down to whether it suits you and you feel confident with it. Self-confidence is a big part of dating and whichever route you take should make you feel good about yourself.

If you would feel more comfortable trying to keep and regrow your hair, we offer effective non-surgical solutions. Belgravia's specialists tailor hair loss treatment courses to each client's individual needs. These plans feature appropriate formulations of clinically-proven medications including high strength minoxidil - which is particularly good on stubborn areas such as the crown and hairline - as well as hair growth boosters.

This approach has resulted in many successful regrowth results for clients whose hairloss was in the minimal to advanced stages when they first sought help. The main requirement for treatment to have a positive effect, aside from the necessary medical suitability, is that the hair follicles should be active. Basically, if there is hair present - even if it is thinning - this is a good sign that the follicles are alive and open to stimulation. If the scalp has taken on a shiny, smooth look, however, this is an indicator of true baldness meaning the follicles have died so treatment would have nothing to work with. During a consultation, this would all be discussed with you and your dedicated hair loss specialist would provide a prognosis and custom treatment recommendations as necessary.

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