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Hair Loss in Animals: Oscar the Bald Cockatoo

Over recent months, we’ve heard stories of bald bears, bald hedgehogs and bald penguins. Now Oscar, a 35-year-old bald cockatoo, has hit the headlines. Oscar was taken in by the Broward County Humane Society, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, thirteen years ago after she was recovered during a drugs raid. But the bird was not well looked after and was suffering from a condition called Beacon Feather.

“Her disease caused her immune system to become repressed,” said Oscar’s carer Cherie Wachter. “It is contagious and therefore she can’t be around other birds. Another side effect is that she plucks her own feathers because they irritate her so much. That is why she is bald,” explained Ms Wachter.

But being bald has not stopped Oscar. Despite being given only 6 months to live by vets, Oscar has hung in there and is still going strong.

“She has a couple of growths on her face and one each round her head and neck,” said Ms Wachter, “She has become part of the family and is very particular about who she becomes friends with.”

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