Hair Loss Doctor Jailed Over Sex Therapy

The "alternative doctor" who sexually assaulted a woman claiming it would cure her hair loss, yelled he was innocent as he was led out of Eastern Magistrates' Court after being sentenced to nine months in jail.

Ashamed woman holding her hairChan Tung-Choi, 68, claimed to be a practitioner of natural therapy and told a 28-year-old woman who was referred to him that the sexual acts he performed on her would help make her hair grow. Chan denied four counts of indecent assault and said he would appeal the decision made by Magistrate So Wai-Tak.

So called Chan’s acts obscene and slated him for abusing his patient’s trust. So said Chan took advantage of a woman who was anxious about her hair loss by indecently assaulting her. He said a deterrent sentence was necessary and that Chan's denial of the charges showed he lacks remorse.

"The woman put her trust in doctors. This kind of trust should not be abused. I have the duty to send this message out," Magistrate So said.

Earlier in the trial, the court heard how Chan fondled the private parts and breasts of young woman, who cannot be named, and even kissed her between late 2005 and October 2006 at his Sheung Wan clinic.

The court heard that the woman had told Chan that she did not like him touching her that way but that she continued with the treatment because she found her hair had grown slightly since starting therapy.

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