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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…very helpful, sensitive and professional. Good experience all round.”

“I was very happy with my appointment and am looking forward to receiving my treatment in the post in the next few days.  Jane was very friendly and informative, explaining the treatment, how it all works and possible side effects well.  I had done a bit of research on the website prior to my appointment, but it was good to get a few things explained.  Cherie  again, very friendly and helpful, and told me about the spa treatment on my check-up, which I am looking forward to. Was also very clear and straight forward with the prices and the extra benefits of paying for a one year’s treatment subscription.   Reception were very friendly and attentive, I was greeted and attended to immediately on entry.”

“The service given by all the staff was excellent and very professional.  Thank you!”

“Jane was very friendly and provided a thorough overview of treatments available and answered all questions clearly- Just what I was hoping for.  Pam Again, very friendly and provided sound advice during our discussion, clear concise answers to my questions along with an excellent overview of the treatment packages offered.  Followed up my consultation with a personalised e-mail – nice touch!   Good service throughout!”

“Both Loida and Susan were very helpful, sensitive and professional.  Good experience all round.”

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“Jane was extremely knowledgeable, I had done some major research into the treatments before I came to the clinic and this was picked up straight away by her.  She answered all my questions confidently and honestly, building rapport continuously as the consultation went on.  Explained the various treatments available thoroughly.  Overall, she was very welcoming and professional.

It was great meeting Pam, with whom I have exchanged emails with and also spoke to her over the phone prior to the meet.  She is a fantastic lady, very witty, humorous and with a great personality.  Just as Jane did, Pam also went through the treatments available and how to apply etc.  Again very knowledgeable, felt a lot less formal with Pam.  Had a follow up phone call from Pam, where she went through how to apply the treatments again now that I had received the medications.  I would highly recommend seeing Pam as an advisor to anyone I speak to.

Reception staff are friendly and welcoming, I was seen to straight away, not much more can be asked of.”

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