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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…They were fun, friendly, informative and very professional in their approach…”

“The visit at Belgravia Centre was fantastic.  The greeting and welcome was very good and receptionist was very polite and helpful.  Now, talking about trichologist and treatment advisor both of them were really good and helpful in all ways.  I loved the service from both of them.  Overall, the service in Belgravia centre was really good.  I will be sure to visit again soon.  Thank you!”

“Hi, I am glad I came to the Belgravia Centre Jenna was very good and informative, and Susan was also very good she made me feel much better talking to her I wish I had come years ago, I hope every product that I have been given works for me so that I can regain my confidence.  The girls in the reception were also very friendly and I noticed all had lovely hair, I even noticed after a little chat with them they also took the supplement Hair Vitalics vitamins that I will purchase next time I come for a visit.  Glad I came.”

“My whole experience was great.  Everybody from the reception staff to the lady who ‘laser combed me’ were lovely – professional, friendly and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable (which is good in a place where you are anxious and embarrassed about something such as hair loss).”

“I was thoroughly pleased with both Cisca and Susan.  They were fun, friendly, informative and very professional in their approach.  This really put me at ease as I was initially quite nervous.  Thank you.”

“Jenna was very helpful and kind.  Explained things very well and I felt quite relaxed although it was my first consultation.  Siobhan was also very welcoming and very helpful and kind.  A great member of staff and probably the most friendliest.  The receptionist and the person who did my treatment vere welcoming and very friendly.”

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