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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “They were all very pleasant, friendly and helpful, and made you feel at ease.”

“Jane was very friendly and approachable and was clear about what she felt my issue was (female pattern hair loss)
Gayzen, very friendly again and clear about costs and options for payment.  Reception – friendly and offered me a cup of tea.  The whole experience was very professional and it felt like a well planned process between the different stages and people.  I also really enjoyed my hair treatment and the lady that did it was lovely (cannot remember her name, I think she may have been Spanish?)   Not sure if the treatment is working yet, but I will give it time.”

“Daiva was lovely and as helpful as she could be.  As I’m pregnant she couldn’t help until I’ve finished breastfeeding. But I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease.  The surroundings were pleasant too.  Thanks again.”

Belgravia Centre Piccadilly (740)

“Daiva Valioniene, Trichologist – she was great.  Extremely professional, friendly and competent.  Very pretty as well which always helps….   Trinity Gardiner, Treatment Advisor – same.  Answered all my questions with intelligence.  Funny, charming and very impressive.  Reception staff were also very good.  Friendly and welcoming.”

“They were all very pleasant, friendly and helpful, and made you feel at ease.”

“I just want to say that I was very happy with my visit to the Centre.  Everybody was friendly and did their best to make me feel welcome.  I received attention quickly although I did not have an appointment and your Trichologist was very helpful and patient with her explanations.  Also Trinity Gardiner did wonders for my self-esteem when she showed me how she had been through the same process…  I did not buy the prescribed medication on that day because of my financial situation at the moment but I am wanting to begin treatment in the near future as this problem is not going to go away.  Thanks for the help and support.”

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