Hair Loss Consultation Comments: "They made me feel at home."

"Rali was engaging during our conversation. She knew what she was saying and I felt I could ask her anything and she would have an answer immediately. She also remained positive during our conversation regarding the treatment outcomes making me feel relaxed. Rali discussed the different treatment plan options available which was important to me. Fiona was very well-knowledgeable about my prescribed medication at hand. She explained to me how to use the medication as well as the side effects. Her explanation was clear and easy to understand for me. She even gave me her business card so that I can contact her whenever I have questions. I felt she was easy to talk to and we seem to have been on the same page from the word go. The receptionists were very welcoming and friendly towards me. I was extremely happy with the way I was greeted at the front desk. They were very attentive to my needs which were dealt promptly and efficiently. They made me feel at home. I would give the Belgravia Centre (City of London clinic) I visited a five star rating. It was well-designed in such a way that it felt like home and was luxurious."

The Belgravia Centre City of London Hair Loss Clinic EC2M

"Sabrine was very friendly and professional. She explained the hair loss condition and discussed the treatment as well as possible side effects in a very descriptive way. Farzana's initial approach was a bit too formal. She explained the treatment and the costs but only became more friendly after I asked my various questions. Overall her approach was very professional. Reception were friendly, helpful and professional. I visited the Liverpool Street clinic. It was a clean and organized environment."

"Paris was very friendly, efficient and informative. I thought she did a great job. Cherie was great too clear and to the point with a very nice manner. Very warm and welcoming. The centre was easy to find pleasant place to visit. A good experience. The lady who gave me laser treatment was lovely too."

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The Belgravia Centre

The Belgravia Centre is a world-renowned group of a hair loss clinic in Central London, UK. If you are worried about hair loss you can arrange a free consultation with a hair loss expert or complete our Online Consultation from anywhere in the world for home-use treatment.

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