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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…There was a calm atmosphere and the facilities were all of a high standard…”

“I was very satisfied with your very professional service and committed team. Both Ms. Opoku and Ms. Loveday were very informative and pleasant to talk to.
Also, whole experience was very positive. Thank you.”

“First at all I want to thank all of you for your attention the day I visited the centre. Also about the people I could talk to these are my opinions:  Edyta Wener, Hair Loss Specialist – A very professional specialist who explained at the maximum detail the symptoms and the possible treatment. Also in a very good mood which helped me to make a decision.   Pam Loveday, Treatment Advisor – She explained to me very carefully all the different options in a very clear way. It helped to make my final decision.  Even being on a Saturday morning as it was, they were friendly even though it was very busy. Very good impression about all the staff who is working there. Since the first person till the last one.”

Belgravia Centre Piccadilly

“Edyta was very friendly and approachable and Tasha was very friendly and I felt very honest, without a doubt the star in your team!
Receptionists were very polite and approachable. 1st class!”

“All the staff that I spoke to in my check-up we’re very helpful and welcoming and were very knowledgeable. They were also very reassuring that they could help me with my hair loss I was very happy with the way I was treated while there and very happy overall.”

“Svetlana was very friendly but still professional.  I felt completely at ease with her.  Trinity was business-like but friendly and explained the options for payment.  There was no pressure which I think is very important, nobody likes the hard sell.  I was greeted in a welcoming manner with no delay.  I returned for a treatment in the afternoon and asked if I could sit in the reception area as it was very cold outside.  This was not a problem and I was soon seen by Sara for the treatment.  I believe the clinic has not been open for very long and I was very impressed by the cleanliness and quality.  There was a calm atmosphere and the facilities were all of a high standard. I returned for a treatment with Sara in the afternoon.  This was very relaxing and Sara explained everything before and during the treatment.  Sara was extremely pleasant and made me feel at ease.”

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