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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…The whole atmosphere of our introduction to Belgravia made us feel un-embarrassed and positive…”

“Loida was friendly, explained everything clearly and answered all my Q’s.  I found Donna very helpful and polite, she didn’t rush us in our decisions, made an effort to understand us and seemed genuinely supportive.  I could not fault the receptionists, friendly, polite and efficient.  Overall I had a very pleasant experience on my first visit, made it a lot easier in deciding to stick with Belgravia knowing how great their customer service is and how you feel like an individual everyone is happy to help when necessary rather than just another customer….. Thank you!”

“Jenna was very helping.  She inspected why I am losing my hairs and what can be the treatment for my hair loss.  All over she is very friendly and recommend me for best treatment.  Shamima is my treatment advisor.  As my advisor give made a good payment plan for my treatment.”

“Very good welcome at reception, and pleasant surprise that I could be seen on the spot.  Jenna took a good history and was clear on the process.  Tasha was extremely helpful and pleasant.  Neither pushes minoxidil on me, which was correct, as I have a cardiac arrhythmia. Very good all told.  Hope the hair thickens!”

“This was my first visit to The Belgravia Centre.  Although I just walked in and it was very busy, the whole team was very professional and helpful in making it an enjoyable and successful day.  So I give the all full marks and look forward a wonderful year together with the contract I took.  Looking forward to good results”

“Daiva and Trinity were both excellent at explaining Janet’s and my requirements and were very patient over my frequent questions.  The whole atmosphere of our introduction to Belgravia made us feel un-embarrassed and positive, thanks to them and the reception staff.  Many thanks!”

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