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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “the team were behind me to offer support”

“Julija was professional and reassuringly sought advice from her manager before discussing my problems with me.  I was pleased that she sought this second opinion to confirm her clinical impressions.  Donna was simply amazing.  She could not have been more reassuring and helpful.  I was pretty upset by the news that I showed female pattern baldness, but Donna was so friendly and positive I left the clinic feeling a lot more optimistic that I will hopefully respond to treatment.  Donna also showed empathy and understanding with my situation and could not have done more to make me feel reassured and hopeful that my hair shedding will be controlled and hopefully my scalp will improve.  The two  scalp treatments  that she so kindly arranged for me have worked wonders and I am looking forward to seeing the results from my next attendance.  I really can’t say enough good things about Donna, she truly is an asset to your company.   Many, many thanks Donna! All the receptionists I have met are friendly and quick to help.  I have found them to be very efficient. Clinic appeared busy, but ran very efficiently and was also clean and tidy. All staff that I have encountered have been friendly and efficient and I would not hesitate to recommend the Belgravia Centre to a friend or colleague.  Thank you.”


“It has been a real pleasure visiting your centre. As from the first call I’ve been treated very carefully and fully professionally. I was given a date and time for my exam, a text was sent to my phone to prompt me for the arrangement, another text was sent and a person called me shortly before my visit to remind me and confirm the timing. At the reception I was welcomed and given instructions on what would follow shortly afterwards. Both Julia Kadyte and Farzana Maudhoo were very attentive and regarded each matter with care and knowledge and provided me with the information needed to navigate through the facts. They were both very kind and considerate and walked me through each step of the treatment process should I choose to follow.  And just to add a few more drops of proof to my statement I’ve been sent a couple of emails by Mrs Maudhoo, had a call from the centre shortly after my visit about any feedback information I could provide and also received a letter to my address in Bulgaria from Mrs Maudhoo containing the results of my tricho check.  As a consequence to that I can say I’m confident to discuss any matter regarding the respective treatment with the people aforementioned.”

“Rali Bozhinova was very professional and extremely polite and helpful. After examining me, she talked me through my diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for me as well. After becoming tearful she was there to offer some kind words and comfort at this very emotional time in my life. Very friendly and being the first person that I spoke to about my hair loss she offered some very helpful tips and advice.  Gayzen Weiner was also very professional and talked me through how to apply the treatment. Once again very comforting to speak to this lady, who made me feel at ease as soon as she approached me at reception. Meeting people like Gayzen made me feel like I was not going through this on my own and that the team were behind me to offer support. What was also very pleasant was that Gayzen gave me her business card and informed me that I could email her at any time should I feel the need to.  The ladies that were on reception during my time were also very lovely and being the first point of contact were very kind and assisted me with all queries.”

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