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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…Special praise for Daiva who was extremely helpful and a real pleasure to talk to…”

“Nice clinic, friendly staff.  Special praise for Daiva who was extremely helpful and a real pleasure to talk to.  She is knowledgeable, candid and was patient during the consultation.  A professional and a sincere individual who is a huge asset to the clinic.”

“I was interviewed by and spoke with Ms Vaida Valuckaite about my problem  – having taking note of her name in order to send her a thanking message.  She explained to me very carefully what  it was about and spoke to me sincerely that we should by using the medication only to slow down the process.  I very much appreciated when she came back after a consultation, as she said, with her colleges to tell me that unfortunately no treatment would be able to reverse an autoimmune disorder and that I should perhaps get advice from a dermatologist once going back in my country.  The feeling of appreciation for this simple truth and this deeply very human behaviour could actually overshadow the not so good news of the diagnosis; so I was unexpectedly and pleasantly  surprised by this highly professional attitude and understanding that places the human factor above profit.  This was extraordinary whereas everything else was just fine and normal. Thank you so much!  With kind regards and my best wishes.”

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“Danka was very informative, polite and a pleasure to speak with.  She provided me with articulate responses to all my questions in an excellent manner.  A pleasure to have met her.  Likewise, Donna was a pleasure to speak to and her explanations were straightforward and informative.  I was happy with the receptionists’ greeting and manner”

“I was very impressed with my first visit at The Belgravia Centre.  All staff members that I met were helpful and respectful to my needs.  One receptionist in particular was very helpful.  I had enquired about the local area and she went out of her way to help me with my request.”

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