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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…respectful and attentive, which is what we as hair loss patients are looking for…”

“”Hi there, I was very excited before my visit. In Belgravia Centre, I found a lot of different things that I never seen before in other hair loss centres.  It was a very good experience to visit the hair loss centre.  We were greeted in a very good manner by the reception and as well as Leonora.  The way she examined my hair was totally different and appreciated.  After that Tasha also spent her valuable time with us and the service she gave us was impressive.  I will rate five stars.”

“On a general note, one of the things that appealed to me was the fact that your whole office and treatment rooms have an easy and relaxed feel to them.  Rather than plush marble and expensive decor, it has a warm and homely atmosphere.  You could spend a fortune and pass this on to clients, as a Harley Street clinic would do.  No need for that…   Like the radio background – makes it feel more like a hairdressers than a treatment clinic.  That’s a good thing, puts people at ease.”

“Everyone was very helpful with good customer service, very polite.”

“Jenna the Hair Loss Specialist was very helpful, informative and acknowledged and understood my background making me confident in what she recommended.  Trinity was also very helpful and friendly, I want to thank her for following up my original query which lead to visiting the centre and having specialist treatment. Reception were welcoming as soon as I arrived and was offered beverages whilst waiting.  Really happy with the professional service I received and will recommend the centre to friends/colleagues.  Thank you!”

“Jenna was lovely and explained my condition very clearly, answered all my questions and also listened when I needed her to, since I was very nervous and feeling lost.  I understand the treatment and now feel more confident.  Keep up the good work Jenna!  Susan was also very sweet and nice, and she understood the fact that I am a student in the UK and she never tried to over push or over sell anything, and respected my wishes, which made a massive difference when I was contemplating whether or not to take the treatment or go elsewhere.  She was respectful and attentive, which is what we as hair loss patients are looking for.  As a side note, I would say that any staff that listen and understands the patient’s fears and concerns and makes us feel validated, is a great addition to the Belgravia team.  The receptionists were very helpful and did their job perfectly. They were very calm, which is reassuring for a patient coming in for the first time.  Smiles are always a great way to win customers over, so I would suggest that the receptionist team to always smile and make us feel warm and welcome.  Great Job!  Please keep making patients feel welcome and safe. I think that is what most of us are looking for..  A light at the end of the Tunnel.  When staff are nice, friendly and reassuring, it makes a world of difference for an experience such as this one….”


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