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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…Pam helped me boost my confidence level and self esteem…”

“Loida gave me a warm welcome, she made me feel at ease and was very caring with regard to my hair loss.  I was still anxious when I went through to see Pam, but she went through the treatment in great detail (thank goodness I had a friend with me) this gave me confidence to go ahead with the treatment and Pam told me that I could call her at any time with my concerns.  As I arrived, the young lady was very informative and kept me up to date with my appointment.”

“Belinda was very pleasant, professional but also supportive and understanding.  I was anxious and became quite tearful during the consultant and she was very sweet.  I really appreciated her reassurance and kind manner.  Shamima had responded to my email prior to my visit, and I’m glad to say she was just as pleasant in person.  It helped that she was undergoing treatment herself and could relate to the effects of hair loss and its treatment.  Everyone was very welcoming and professional at the centre.  I’m looking forward to returning for further treatment and really hope that the optimism of the treatment advisors is fruitful.”

The Belgravia Centre for Hair Loss

“Maria was especially helpful and very friendly, she made me feel very comfortable and explained everything twice for me so I understood.  Tasha was also very friendly and answered all the questions I had fully.  She spent the time to go through my options…  Everyone seemed very friendly and enthusiastic!! cheers..”

“I would like to comment on Belgravia Centre and the service that I received.  I would like to firstly thank you for arranging to see me. I would also like to thank for the lovely and warm host, I had a lovely time.  At the Reception I received excellent service and they provided me a warm welcome which is the most important thing as first impressions have an impact on how successful the service is. I am 100% pleased thank you once again.  Hair Loss Specialist – Cisca Van Rensburg, firstly provided me with all the detailed information needed,  making sure I understood everything about the medication and how it works and answered my questions kindly.  She also helped me make my decision very quickly.  Cisca helped me boost my self esteem by letting me break my cycle of negative beliefs regarding my hair.  However, on the other hand Pam was just amazing, she is a very friendly character which is what I needed as I was vulnerable.  Pam helped me boost my confidence level and self esteem by reassuring me that there is treatment and I would recover, also provided me with all the information I needed and answered all my questions. Pam actually played a massive role into sticking to my decision of starting the treatment.  I would like to thank you all at Belgravia Centre –  I had a lovely time and its a brilliant place which I highly recommend to others and I will definitely return again.  See you soon.”

“I would like to mention that I was impressed with the receptionist’s welcoming faces as I walked in.  I was approached  nicely and offered a sit on the chair.  Did not wait as I arrived just on time.  The whole process went well, nice, attentive staff.  Did not order anything yet  as I have to organise my finances.  All in all very good service.  Thank you”

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