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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…It was really refreshing to have someone who is in sales come across without an agenda…”

“I would like to particularly praise Svetlana Edrovska, the Hair Loss Specialist I spoke with.  This was my first visit to Belgravia and I felt quite self conscious and vain for coming; Svetlana was patient, knowledgeable, funny, and put me at ease almost immediately, explaining fully my condition and the options that would be available to me.

The treatment adviser, reception, and clinic were all fine, but Svetlana in particular made the experience entirely pleasant.”

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“Patricia was very nice, explained everything very clearly and I left feeling like I knew a lot more than I did about the treatment and the practice.  I think that she was in a rush as my appointment was 1pm and I was seen at 1:30 – that being said everything was explained and the full check was done – so I was very happy and impressed.

Pam, again very nice and explained everything clearly.  It was really refreshing to have someone who is in sales come across without an agenda. I admitted that I couldn’t actually afford the treatment this month and instead of shutting down the conversation we spoke about a number of different options to help me. I will be in contact with her again soon to organise treatment.

I didn’t have much interaction with the receptionists other than saying hello. But I didn’t really need to have much more – they were very busy but professional.

The clinic was clean and waiting area by reception was nice.   I didn’t see any other areas than the reception, the room which I got the check and the office with Pam – but did notice overall that the clinic looked impressive.

Overall, I was very impressed and will be looking to move forward with treatment – just want to again stress that Pam was really nice and didn’t force me into any options.   Thank you for making – what is quite an awkward experience – very easy and informative.”

“Daiva was a professional person who was clear in her assessment and very patient.   Warm and friendly.  Devinder was also a professional and friendly person –  I did not feel hurried or pressured into anything.  Lovely receptionist, efficient and friendly.  I liked my experience at the clinic, felt comfortable and relaxed in a nice clean and friendly environment.  Excellent team of staff.  I am very happy with my overall experience.  Thank you!”

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