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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…I was very thankful when she tried to find me the best deal for my budget…”

“All the staff who attended to me I found were very professional, caring and helpful, they made me feel very welcome and relaxed considering it was my first appointment and I was nervous.  Shamima and the young lady who washed my hair have a natural flare for dealing with people.”

Belgravia Centre Piccadilly

“I must say that Jenna Burlace, Hair Loss Specialist, was easy to deal with, understanding, very informative about my situation and the following treatment regime, and to be honest made very easy a situation that could have been for myself a very awkward experience.  I couldn’t have asked for a better consultation.  Through Jenna’s professional attitude and caring approach I will have no problem recommending your business to others.”

“I did like the atmosphere at the Belgravia.  At the reception they quickly greeted me and I didn’t have to wait very long to be seen.  The hair Specialists I saw after were very enthusiastic and answered all of my questions.  Cherie Riding advised me on the best possible option for my condition to improve faster.  Also I was very thankful when she tried to find me the best deal for my budget.  Am very happy.”

“I was happy with everyone who I spoke to at The Belgravia Center, couldn’t of been more helpful and I’m looking forward to coming back in a few months time to see how the progress is coming along.”

“I can honestly say, the receptionists were smily and welcoming and Suzanne was helpful and thorough and explained everything well and Pam was very warm. All of the staff were professional.”

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