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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…I was seen promptly and felt at ease during my appointment…”

“I was happy with the diagnosis and straightforward attitude of Daiva – compared to my GP, Daiva listened to my concerns I was confident that I was being given the correct treatment. I didn’t feel any pressure to purchase treatments that were not necessary and was happy with the service. Staff were very polite and attentive at all times.  Excellent service.”

“I found all staff at Belgravia very professional and informative.  I was seen promptly and felt at ease during my appointment.”

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“This was a very upsetting and emotional experience for me which reduced me to tears in my explanation to Leonora the reason for my visit to your Centre.  Leonora expressed her empathy in a very professional manner and maintained this throughout my consultation time with her.  Her honest answers to all of my questions assured the importance and necessity to go ahead with the treatment required.  Donna has a passion for her job; very enthusiastic in an extremely helpful manner with an air of relaxation that she exhumed towards me.  Her answers to my questions and certain doubts were very reassuring and after leaving her I felt much better within myself, especially after my initial nervousness and emotional experience.  I am so pleased that she was my Treatment Advisor.”

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