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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…I have to say, it was the best customer service that I have received…”

“I would like to say thank you to the team at The Belgravia Centre, Grosvenor Gardens. I have to say it was the best customer service that I have received. Your staff are very sensitive and warm from the start. Mariana and Pam were extremely helpful and professional.  I will be having treatment for the next 12 months at the centre and will look forward to my next visit. Thanking you sincerely.”

“Once I arrived at the clinic I was very nervous about the feedback I would be given about my hair as I have been trying to get real answers for a very long time, I liked the atmosphere of the centre it wasn’t claustrophobic at all, the seats were very comfortable… members of staff at the reception area were very friendly, Mariana then took me upstairs for me to have my consultation she greeted me with “Hello how are you?” which I find caring and a good impression to make on patients and visitors, when I was told that my problem was male pattern baldness I was upset but when I was told it can be treated as long as I act now it made me find hope again, she explained to me very well what I have to do and taught me a lot about hair I didn’t even learn in school, I then went downstairs to Cherie who was again very helpful she explained to me about the prices and I personally found them very manageable unlike some cheap selling products that don’t even work. I am hoping to buy the solution I need for my hair and start using it in September due to the fact that I will be flying to Cyprus for August and I don’t think it would work effective to start then because I will be constantly swimming. I’m really excited I honestly do hope it works, guess I just have to be patient, thanks so much :)”

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“Victoria centre, although very big and business like, was informal and friendly and not as daunting as many medical places.  Delecia was efficient, explained fully and repeated where I was obviously looking bewildered. Took time and was very professional.  She confirmed my condition (which I suspected) and was clear about treatment and likely outcome. Susan was a sweetie and made me feel special.  She was sympathetic and positive at the same time. She is a great asset to you! The reception staff were all good.  Overall I was impressed with the session and regretted not coming sooner, even if the outcome isn’t what I would wish I believe that I am in the best hands and that everything that can be done is being done. Someone at the end of a phone is important (and this is why I have jumped ship to you from my previous consultant).”

“Mariana was lovely and explained what the problem was clearly. She made me feel really comfortable. The only advice I have is for the person examining the hair to put on some gloves if they can’t touch the patient’s hair rather than it being obvious that they are trying not to touch the hair during examination. The client usually notices that and it could make some uncomfortable. Trinity was very helpful too. She explained my treatment choices clearly and gave me the option that I wanted. I am happy with the way I was greeted and attended to. It was a bit of a long wait from my appointment time but overall I’m glad I went.  The clinic is actually bigger than I thought it would be. Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. No complaints!”

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