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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “I had a wonderful experience”


Read how clients felt about visiting The Belgravia Centre for their tricho-check. Here are some of last week’s comments emailed by clients following their free consultation. Each comment is from a different client…

“I had a wonderful experience! Everyone looked after me extremely well. Edyta Wener was very honest and efficient and recommended the right products for home use. That is what I really wanted. I actually spoke to Gayzen Weiner who was terribly nice and helpful. She understood me and listened to me very well. Anne-Marie did my wash and was absolutely fantastic. Such a professional woman.

I am well informed about all hair issues as I  have been seeking hair loss help from all the best specialist from all over the world so I really feel that I got the best from The Belgravia Center. Unfortunately my work and study commitments are so demanding and unpredictable so I chose to come to your center for irregular appointments and just buy the most suitable product for my scalp condition.

Belgravia Centre Reception and Pharmacy

One more time I would like to emphasize that I was extremely satisfied with everything. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you all in around 3 weeks time.”

“Leonora was professional and informative – answered questions clearly and concisely. Gayzen is extremely enthusiastic and approachable, she explained everything quite thoroughly  regarding the treatment. All reception staff were very friendly and welcoming.”

“I found Lola friendly and helpful.  She examined my scalp thoroughly and asked me what I thought were relevant questions.  Her recommendations were useful as when I returned to my GP, he agreed with her recommendations.” Please note: This client had a medical scalp complaint that is not dealt with by our specialists so she was referred to her GP.

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