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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…I had a scalp treatment while I was there which was really nice…”

“Saive was very good, sympathetic, the session wasn’t rushed and she explained everything and gave me the opportunity to ask questions.  I found her polite smiley and efficient.  Pam sympathetic, easy to talk to, reassuring and positive.  The centre itself was very clean, smart looking, everyone looked busy.  I didn’t have to wait for my appointment which was good, and the process flowed from then on.  Everyone I came into contact with was polite and friendly.  I had a scalp treatment while I was there which was really nice (good that my cup of tea came in a cup and not a plastic holder) and the young lady was really kind & reassuring to me (which I needed).  Good that you can dry your own hair and you have all the products available.  Overall the experience was very very good, and if the treatment works it will be perfect.”

New Street Laboratory and Reception 740_

“I was very pleased with the help I got on Saturday and am happy to give feedback.  Mariana Almeida – She was very helpful and clearly explained everything I needed to know.  She was great at answering all the questions that we had as well and I felt like I saw in safe hands.  Cherie was great, very friendly and very professional.  She helped me feel very at ease and I was far less stressed about the whole thing.  The receptionists were great as well, friendly and professional. I was very pleased and look forward to continuing my treatment.  Thanks a lot!”

“I already had a good understanding of hairloss & my condition.  Leonora was able to provide her expertise at level of explanation and advice that complimented what I knew and instilled further confidence in what was possible to improve my condition.  Gayzen clearly & fully explained the options & cost of treatment, from which I was able to make an informed decision.  I received prompt attention in a natural, pleasant & friendly manner.  The large reception area, corridor with various cubicles and the idea of being passed from one member of staff to another had the initial feeling of being on a conveyor system in a manufacturing plant.  However, the attention & advice I received by each staff member in an unhurried manner immediately gave me a comforting feeling of being in a place that was professionally organised & run, delivering a level of service that suited me.   Overall, generally very impressed with the clinic and the convenience of locality.  I had a sample treatment session of menthol scalp paste & infra red, which felt very beneficial; the staff member was very considerate, making me feel very relaxed & comfortable.  From that experience, I shall be looking to book further sessions.”

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