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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “I had a great first treatment. Very soothing and relaxing!!.”

“I had a great first treatment.  Very soothing and relaxing!!  Thanks Alicia – you did a great job!  Can’t wait for my hair to grow back!”

“Cisca was very good – professional and courteous.  Gayzen was very good – professional, courteous and very friendly and explained the treatment properly.  I also found the reception staff to be very good and I particularly liked the speed and efficiency and the fact that everyone just got round to discussing the problem/solution straight away, especially the lady doing the treatment I had yesterday which was excellent – instead of spending time on other non-relevant areas.  Overall, very satisfied and I cannot see any improvements you need to make.  I hope I am happy with my hair growth too.”

“Leonora was very professional, open and honest and I found Cherie to be very helpful, warm and friendly.  I was greeted promptly by reception even though I changed my appointment to 30 minutes earlier. Very flexible and friendly.  I thought overall the staff were very friendly, professional and helpful.”

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