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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…I felt they offered honest, fair advice and did not try to ‘hard sell’…”

“They all received an A+ for service as they were all helpful and all provided an opportunity for me to ask anything.”

“I thought all the staff were excellent and the service extremely efficient.  Many thanks.”

“Daiva was courteous, helpful and hopeful, without raising false expectations.  Trinity was helpful and courteous.  I was also very happy with all staff I encountered at reception.  Everyone I spoke to was helpful, polite and welcoming, including the person who helped me find the lavatory when I got lost!”

“Everyone was very kind and the Hair Loss Specialist – wonderful!”

“I have found all of my dealings with BC to be friendly and very helpful, from my initial enquiry on 2010 to finally making it there yesterday! (How time flies).  Everyone I saw was extremely accommodating, I felt they offered honest, fair advice and did not try to ‘hard sell’ me anything or give me over-realistic expectations.  My overall impression being you would not be as successful as you are, without such a proven track record.  Loida, Trinity and Irina (who did the actual treatment) were all great, I felt comfortable and confident in their assessments and explanations for everything.  Any answers they didn’t have (re toxicity to cats) weren’t fobbed off but went off to check etc, and this again gave me confidence in the team.

So overall a very positive first visit, the reception staff put you at ease, and I felt there was no air of awkwardness, as you might possibly imagine there might be, particularly amongst other clients, who might not be feeling at their best.  I can only think this is encouraged from the atmosphere given off by the staff in the main reception.  Sorry if this is overly analytical, but as an Interior and Spatial Designer for the hospitality industry, these things are important to me as first impressions in spaces are often key.  Ok enough of the design critique now, overall A+++ thank you.

See you all again soon.”

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