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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “I experienced excellent customer service, to be honest all the staff were amazing…”

“My visit to the Belgravia Centre was made enjoyable by all the members of staff I came in contact with.  I was treated with respect and felt really treasured by the team.  Susanna and Shamima were fantastic and I felt the care they gave me was really about me and my needs.  The receptionists and the lady who was doing my hair were all remarkable.  I should say the centre is really blessed to have this kind of staff working for them.”

“Sorry I can not exactly remember the names of the person, I visited, but I would like to say that the consultation really helped me in removing many ambiguities, which I had.  The Trichologist explained the condition in a very good manner.  Overall it was a very good experience for me.”

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“In general, the Belgravia Centre was very professional, slick operation with attentive and pleasant staff throughout. No real waiting time at reception.  I was never left in the dark as to the process.  Loida Cadiogan the Trichologist explained the examination process well and simply.  Tasha Keric, Treatment Advisor – again, made it all very clear and concise.  Very pleasant manner.  Even paying was pleasant!  Sophie – the treatment assistant – again, very nice and again, good at communicating.  In short, a very good and professional patient experience.  Would recommend to everyone.”

“The trichologist was very good and Donna the Treatment Advisor was excellent, very open and easy going, yet professional.  Receptionists were very friendly and efficient.”

“I experienced excellent customer service, to be honest all the staff were amazing.  Everyone I saw that day was friendly and provided great service.”

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