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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…I came away feeling that everyone really cared about me as an individual…”

“I experienced only good things.  All the staff were excellent.  I have been before, you are treating my wife too, and on those occasions I have also been very pleased with the staff attitude and assistance.”

“I was pleased with the service provided by everyone at the Belgravia Centre, they was all welcoming and very helpful throughout my visit.”

New Street Graphic Belgravia Centre

Graphic image of Belgravia’s new clinic, opening towards the end of the year in New Street, London, EC2

“I was very happy with the service and I will be starting treatment as soon as possible at the clinic.  I thought everyone was extremely professional, I particularly appreciated that a ‘before photo’ was taken so that I can see the progress my hair treatment will have.  I suppose it is also encouraging to be told that some of the staff have also had hair loss problems which they mentioned had been successfully treated at the clinic.  I am quite excited at the prospect of starting my treatment and shall certainly recommend the clinic to other people that I meet.”

“I was very pleased with everyone I encountered at the Belgravia Centre yesterday.  Both Suzanne and Pam were professional and easy to speak with, which is not always the case when dealing with health professionals.  My severe allergy to minoxidil unfortunately does not allow me to be treated, however I am considering the other options Suzanne and Pam suggested during my visit.”

“Daiva was lovely, she spent time explaining the condition to me, was going to happen and what my treatment was going to be. She was friendly and approachable and I felt confident that she knew exactly what was what. She put me at my ease because I have been feeling very uncomfortable with people since my hair loss.  Trinity was wonderful.  I explained that I had an issue with finances and was very limited with what I could afford regarding treatments etc.  She didn’t make me feel that I must take everything and did everything she could to make it possible for me to afford the basic treatment of the Minoxidil and supplements which I knew I had to have.  Thank you for that.  Receptionists were very professional, didn’t make me feel guilty because I was late. Greeting was fine and was not left waiting around.  I came away feeling that everyone really cared about me as an individual and that they really wanted to make  a positive experience out of something that actually is really quite unpleasant when we have to admit to it and do something about the state of our hair loss because it has a dire effect on our lives.”

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