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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “… I am impressed that Leonora did not just try to treat me and take my money…”

“I was very impressed at the level of service and professionalism from your staff from start to finish of the process.  The staff at te reception first of all were very helpful in directing me to your clinic as it was my first time in Victoria and I had to make my way using the local transport.  Secondly, I would like to comment on individual staff members: Daiva was the first to see me and
may I take this opportunity to say that I was very impressed with her.  She was very polite and was very clear about how she would progress the consultation.  She made me feel very comfortable and was very professional.  She explained all about the medications after diagnosing me and made me aware about the side effects as well.  Shamima was also very professional and polite.  She answered all my questions very clearly and explained exactly how to use the medications clearly.  She was very good. She also helped me negotiate a good price for the laser comb a few weeks prior to my visit and she remembered all of our conversations as well which I thought was very helpful and professional of her.  Your staff were very polite and I was dealt with very nicely.”

“I was very impressed with all the service that I received.  All friendly and helpful.  Many thanks.”

“I am absolutely delighted with the advice from Leonora.  She advised me to return to my GP and get a referral to a dermatologist and for a biopsy as she thinks I have fibrosing alopecia which my GP did not pick up when I first sought advice
in December 2011.  I managed to get an appointment with a GP yesterday after visiting The Belgravia Centre and he has written to a local hospital to get further investigations.  I am impressed that Leonora did not just try to treat me and take my money… her integrity in telling me to go back to my GP has shown me that my health is her no.1 concern.  I will return to The Belgravia Centre once I have had the biopsy and medical conditions that might be affecting my hair loss have been assessed.  All in all, very prompt and very polite/friendly ladies.  I am very happy with the performance of all the staff I have encountered.”

“Leonora was helpful and explained what to expect out of the treatment. Gayzen she was friendly and answered questions I raised, explained the case and what to expect.  Should I have any issues, I should contact her. They were all helpful and attentive when available or not attending to another patient/visitor.  So far, it has been a good experience.  I look forward to seeing how the experience and service is going forward although from the looks of it, I expect it to be a nice one.”

“All the staff who attended to me I found to be very professional, caring and helpful, they made me feel very welcome and relaxed considering it was my first appointment and I was nervous.  Shamima and the young lady who washed my hair
has a natural flare for dealing with people.”

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