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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…excellent facilities, perfect location…”

“I would rate my visit to Belgravia Centre a 5 out of 5.  Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  The clinic was neat and welcoming.  All my questions were answered and my hair loss concerns quelled 🙂  So thank you once more.  I will definitely be dealing with the clinic in the future.”

New Street HS Consultation Female THIN 740

“Hearing the specialist talk about my problem and how it could be resolved felt like a wizard using a wand to magically wave away all my hair loss issues!  It felt like one of the best days in MY LIFE.  I’ve never spoken to anyone about my hair loss that has been going on for over 15 years and it is such a heavy load to be silently carrying around each day! She was exceedingly professional and very clear in dealing with me, answered all my questions/concerns etc. and extremely knowledgeable! I’m glad I saw her, she certainly made my day/month/year!  Thank you again Saive!  Such a lovely warm pleasant lady!  She applied the final seal of approval with respect to solving my hair loss problem and being able to regain my self-confidence.  It was pretty apparent that the patient’s wellbeing was at the core of the treatment options she presented me with!  So so flexible!  PLEASE EXTEND MY THANKS TO PAM!  I was highly impressed with the whole set up, extremely nice clinic, excellent facilities, perfect location, perfect opening times, pleasant reception staff.  Overall communication score: 200%.  My only regret: Why didn’t I visit the Belgravia Centre years ago!”

“Delecia was very helpful and gave me a good explanation about my hair treatment and the conditions.  She was very professional.  Donna was very helpful, explained the treatment I am going to use. Explained the products.  And also discussed the cost of the treatments.  Very polite , helpful and welcoming and professional.  Very clean , tidy and welcoming.”

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