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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…each part of the diagnosis/treatment was explained in detail…”

“I thought everyone was extremely helpful and polite, it was probably one of the friendliest environments I’ve been  in recently!”

“Elena Dimitrova is absolutely a great specialist, I felt very comfortable since the moment I came in the small room for the consultation.  She gave me a lot of information, she has been very precise and she was answering to all my questions in a very complete way.  I think she did not miss to say anything at all and it was a proper visit not just a consultation. Gayzen Weiner has been a good advisor.  I immediately felt at ease and she has been able to explain me in a very easy and quick way all the different  programme and treatment with relative prices.  I have been showed also pictures of a similar “case” and the results at the end of the treatment.  Receptionists are very friendly and helpful.  They asked me to fill a form, to have a seat and they apologised for the wait.”

New Street Graphic Belgravia Centre

Graphic image of Belgravia’s new clinic, opening towards the end of the year in New Street, London, EC2

“Hello,  I found that all of the staff I saw yesterday were very professional but approachable, they made me feel at ease.  They all ensured that each part of the diagnosis/treatment was explained in detail and that any question I had was answered in full.  The reception staff were friendly and effiicient.  The lady sweeping the floor/tidying even offered to make us coffee.”

“Further to my first visit to the Belgravia Centre last night I was very impressed with all the staff.  As my husband is also currently receiving treatment he advised me to book an initial appointment and I was pleased that I attended.”

“Carolanne instantly put me at my ease and saw me very promptly.  She explained very clearly what caused my hair condition and what possible treatments there are.  I was very happy with her consultation.  Gayzen was very friendly.  She explained clearly the costs of treatment and the various outcomes determining the length of a course of treatment. Again, I was very satisfied.  Receptionists: Friendly and efficient.”

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