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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “Came into the clinic with a worried attitude and left with a smile!”

“Daiva, the Trichologist was lovely and very easy to talk.  She was experienced and knew the condition straight away and answered my questions clearly and concisely. I had prior knowledge about the solutions offered as I was taking similar ones and she was able to explain the difference between the ones I was taking and the ones provided by your clinic.  She made faithful recommendations, i.e. products which I actually genuinely needed and not products which I didn’t actually need (which I very much appreciated!). Very happy with her consultation.

Susan was very helpful and proposed the appropriate treatment programs according to my condition. Was very patient and informative whilst I was making a decision.

Overall a tranquil experience as I was quite worried about the outcome.  Came into the clinic with a worried attitude and left with a smile!  I think it’s important that the specialists keep a positive and friendly attitude throughout as it helps keep the tension to a minimum but also to try and keep the expectations as realistic as possible so that further down the line, the client knows what to expect. I came into and left the clinic with good expectations (and prior knowledge about the solutions) and I hope the treatments work as per these expectations.”

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“The first lady who I saw was the receptionist and was greeted with a smile which always, I think, puts people at ease. The clinic appeared to be quietly busy and the staff working well together.  I also had a few minutes to read a few pages of the newspaper. 

Leonora Doclis was a very pleasant lady, appeared well informed and again put me at my ease.

Susan Gleeson, again, very nice, well informed and took the time to explain the treatment that had been recommended.”

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“Everyone was good.  I was really nervous but everyone was accommodating.  Thumbs up all round.”

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