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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…both people I saw were extremely informative and laid everything out on the table…”

“They were all unbelievably nice with me. It’s been a long year and Hair loss is something I never thought I’d have to deal with (I knew I had lots of problems but this was not one of them!!).  Thank you.”

“In general.. both people I saw were extremely informative and laid everything out on the table for me to make a decision.  I didn’t feel pressured or obliged to confirm or reject any treatment.  The advice genuinely seemed to be given for my own benefit and not for the sole intention of making a sale.  Experience and previous cases were used by both individuals to better help me come to a decision.  My overall impression is very good.”

Belgravia Centre

“Belinda was really friendly and very polite and cleared my doubts about hair loss.  Cherie Riding, my Treatment Advisor was good too 🙂  Reception staff were very friendly and helpful and I would just like to say thank you for the consultation it was really helpful.”

“Belinda the Hair Loss Specialist was excellent, very professional which made me feel more comfortable.  Cherie Riding the Treatment Advisor was very good, also helped me feel at ease.  Your receptionists were also very good.”

“Well, I have to say, if I said I wasn’t pleased with your services, I would be the biggest liar on the planet – right from the reception to the last person I saw gave me more confidence.  Even to locate you was so easy which is very nice. Right now I am looking forward to seeing my hair grow and I do believe with your good work I will be smiling again. Thanks for your services.  Keep up the good work…Cheers.”

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