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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…being greeted by a positive and inviting atmosphere relaxed me straight away…”

“Daiva was very nice and made me feel relaxed.  She explained everything clearly and was very helpful.  Cherie was also very nice and explained clearly what the treatment plan would consist of and my options – again, very helpful, as were the receptionists.  It was my first visit so I was glad to find a nice relaxed atmosphere with helpful friendly staff.”

“I arrived early and they rescheduled my appointment so I didn’t have long to wait.  The service they provided was friendly and professional.  Cisca the Trichologist was professional, friendly and explained everything clearly.  My Treament Advisor, Gayzen, went out of her way to help, was friendly and made me feel at ease and the Japanese lady who applied my first treatment was very friendly and helpful.  The experience of visiting The Belgravia Centre was much more friendly and relaxing than I’d anticipated;  thank you!”

 “Shaheen was very helpful, polite and understanding.  She made me feel comfortable in an unfamilar surrounding.  Cherie has a bubbly personality and clearly explained my choices in regards to treatment, she gave me the time to make an informed decision.   I found reception staff are very welcoming”

 “Susanna was lovely.  Very professional and calm, made me feel loads better and fully explained what the problem could be Again, Cherie was really lovely.  She was friendly and didn’t put any pressure on me to buy the treatments/products.”

“Jane was a very nice lady, very helpful and realistic which is what I liked best about her.  The advice was helpful and very positive.  Tasha, down to earth and felt very comfortable to speak to her even when upset.  She explained all of the treatments to me and suggested which one she thought would be most appropriate.”

“Daiva was impressive, thorough and explained the diagnosis very well.  Made one feel at ease.  Very professional Explanation of treatment, medication and cost clearly and easily explained and understood.  Susan is very approachable and easy to talk to and helpful in answering questions raised.  Again, very professional.  Reception staff were very curteous and helpful. I was dealt with promptly and in a friendly manner.  Medication which was promised by Special Delivery on Monday 4th actually arrived on Saturday 2nd.  I was very impressed with all the staff and found each one I met to be helpful, sympathetic, and proffessional.  I look forward to meeting with them on my subsequent visits to your clinic and feel sure they will maintain the high standards I encountered on my first visit.”

 “Everyone I spoke to were at the highest level of professionalism and very friendly.  I felt nervous when walking in but being greeted by a positive and inviting atmosphere relaxed me straight away.  The trichologist was positive welcoming and very in depth and explanatory (main reason why I am going ahead with the treatment).  The Treatment Advisor Cherie – Helpful in every respect, didnt have many questions to ask but was pleased with guidence given.”

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