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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…At no point did I feel pressurised/obliged to take up treatment…”

“Elena was very friendly and accommodating.  Made me feel very at ease with the whole treatment.  Cherie clearly went through all the costs and gave good advice.  Again very friendly and genuine.  Reception were helpful and friendly.”

“Jenna was very friendly and welcoming.  Although there was quite a bit of info that she gave to me, I felt that the info was given in a very easy to understand manner and any questions I had were answered well.  Definitely seemed to know her stuff.  Susan was also very friendly and welcoming and quite jovial.  She answered my questions well and in the case of one of my questions, she explained the answer in a slightly different way to Jenna, which I was thankful for, as an alternative way of explaining the same thing can sometimes make things clearer.  At no point did I feel pressurised/obliged to take up treatment when discussing the costs and am grateful that she wasn’t the type to go for the ‘hard sell’.  The reception staff seemed very friendly and welcoming and I felt that everyone (not just me) that was waiting in reception was being dealt with efficiently and as soon as practically possible.  All of the staff seemed very friendly and understanding.”

The Belgravia Centre for Hair Loss

“I’m pleased to say that I feel encouraged by my visit to the Belgravia Centre on Saturday.  The receptionists were all very professional & efficient in the way I was greeted & dealt with.  The Trichologist Susanna was very professional with the information regarding Male Pattern Hair Loss & advice regarding the medication, gave me great hope that the treatment will be a success.  Personally, I thought that I may have been beyond treatment, but she confirmed that this was not the case & the top of the hair on the top of the head should return with the aid of the medication & infra-red treatment.  Pam Loveday explained the cost of the treatment & was helpful in recommending to commence treatment immediately at the centre on Saturday & the course of action to take for the next year.  Carla, the lady who washed & treated my head with infra-red therapy, was also very professional.  Hopefully, by purchasing a year supply of treatment, indicates that I’m serious to ensure that this treatment is a success.  I would not hesitate to recommend the centre to others, but only after my treatment is a success.  So let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

“I was very happy to see Gayzen She was very friendly, talking slowly, she tried to explain everything the best she could.  She didn’t show any impatience when I continued asking questions.  Her service was great!  Reception were friendly and prompt.  No ignorance.”

“Elena Dimitrova took the time to listen to my problem and explained me everything in detail.  I honestly have to say, she is the best doctor I have met so far.  I have been many times to a Dermatologist regarding my hair loss problem in Germany (I am from Germany), but nobody could really help me and understand my concerns so far.  Susan Gleeson was very helpful.  She had a sample of the products I was advised to use and explained how to use them, how much they cost and how long they will last.  She presented me with different options for payment.  All the ladies at the reception were very friendly and helpful.  I just want to say thank you to the Belgravia Centre.  I have started using all the products I bought after the consultation and hopefully I will see the first positive results after 6 months.”

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