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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…An experience which could have been daunting and embarrassing was instead quite a pleasurable one…”

“Leonora was welcoming and efficient.  Explained everything as we went along. Gayzen put me at ease straight away, said exactly what I needed to know all in a professional manner and had an answer for every budget!  Pleasure to meet.  Reception was like a well oiled and very friendly machine.  I felt welcome at the first instance.  All clean and modern as expected with the added bonus of hair washing and treatment equipment.  The lady who did the treatments was also lovely.   An experience which could have been daunting and embarrassing was instead quite a pleasurable one because of the lovely staff.”

New Street Graphic Belgravia Centre

“I thought the staff at Belgravia were lovely and I felt comfortable talking to them.  I am coming in this evening for my first treatment and to pick up the medication.  Daiva was very reassuring and had all the information that I required.  She related what I am going through to her own experience and made me feel like this was something that could be dealt with positively and reversed.  I would like to stay in contact with Daiva over the next year.  Cherie was very kind and understood what I am going through.  She explained what the products were and was fair when negotiating a payment plan.  My boyfriend thought she was brilliant on this basis!  The reception staff were smiley and made me feel welcome.   The service I received was of a high quality.  The clinic was clean and well presented with a relaxed atmosphere that made me feel at ease.”

“Edyta was extremely helpful and very professional.  She made me feel at ease the whole time and explained everything clearly to the point where I had no questions left to ask, which is rare for me. Made sure I understood what the products were and how to apply and most importantly she was friendly and like to have a chat. Susan was very friendly and understanding/Professional.  There was no pressure to buy the products, the payment plans and delivery plans were explained clearly and gave me more options than I knew what to do with, but did help me choose a plan that worked well for me.  Overall excellent service.  Being greeted by a desk full of very good looking ladies is always a good thing so no complaints there, they were all very helpful and knew what they were doing.  The lady who did the treatment/washed my hair was also so friendly and made an awesome cuppa tea.”

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