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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “All your staff were excellent. I can’t find fault with my experience so far…”

“I want to say a thank you to all the staff that dealt with me yesterday I received a warm welcome and felt comfortable throughout everything, the building was clean and bright it almost smells brand new and on top of it all the staff were so friendly, some companies ask for money first then ask questions but in this case The Belgravia Centre focuses on the customer first and their needs I look forward to my future visits with you.  Thanks again!

“All your staff were excellent. I can’t find fault with my experience so far. I’ll be even happier if the treatment works! Thanks!”

Belgravia Centre for Hair Loss

“I was impressed by my visit to the Belgravia Centre. The clinic seemed professional and everyone was very polite. My hair lost specialist was professional and matter of fact. My Treatment Advisor was personable and helpful and although keen to encourage me onto the programme she gave me space to reflect and take time to consider what I had heard. The receptionists are very good. I liked the fact that the place was clean (no eating in the waiting room) and efficiently run.  Thank you for the consultation.”

“Leonora had the right blend of informing me well, but also not alarming me about my current hair loss. She was very thorough, but also kept asking if I had any questions as it can get quite overwhelming!  Donna was lovely, I have already sent her a personal e-mail of thanks. I hope to see her at my first check up.  The lady who did my first treatment was very welcoming and informative. She explained what she was doing as she did it which made me very comfortable.  Reception have been very helpful throughout my booking and rearranging of bookings.  They were very friendly.  The lady reception manager was particularly lovely!  The centre itself was amazing and I look forward to coming back in the new year with some hopeful progress.”

“Madame Tinkova – a brilliant specialist I happen to meet.  Pam Loveday – you can’t help but having sympathy for one with that surname, especially when the bearer’s a confident advisor also.  Reception – A.  The centre – A.”

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