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Hair Loss Consultation Comments “…actually the best experience I have had as a client anywhere, in a very long time…”

“Cisca took me through everything very thoroughly.  Shamima was very helpful and as I was short of time she ensured I was fitted in for a treatment.  Reception were very proficient.  Unfortunately I didn’t get her name but the lady who did my mask treatment was really lovely and would like to make a special mention of her friendly nature and putting me at ease.” 

“I was very happy with the examination, advice and recommendations given by Daiva, she told me all the problems I had with my hair and explained why it had happened.  Shamima was also very helpful and told me what treatment would work with my hair and went into great detail about each treatment which was very helpful.  On entering the centre I was greeted straight away, was informed that I could have tea or coffee while I waited (which was a short wait) and made to feel very welcome.  I am very happy with everything that was done and only wish I had made contact sooner, it was a very relaxed and friendly place.  Thank you very much.” 

The Belgravia Centre for Hair Loss

“Davia was very helpful and made me feel comfortable talking about a sensitive subject like hair.  Helping me understand the causes for my hair condition and was easy to follow.  I was very happy with the service and confident that she would give me good advice.  She was very understanding and detailed in her reasoning behind her diagnosis and I felt confident with her advice.  Shamima was very good at giving me details and more description about the treatment recommendations, looking more at the practical side of taking the medication.  I was very happy with how she discussed the options and gave me a wide variety of choices and as someone who takes the treatment herself I felt very confident in starting the course.  Very friendly, approachable and easy to talk to.  Reception were very friendly and attentive if I needed any information.  Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly.  I felt at ease and comfortable enough to ask any questions I needed.  I’m very glad I came because I was hesitant at first not knowing whether I was going to be charged extortionate prices but it was all very reasonable and straight forward.  Thank you!”

“It was a nice experience with all the staff very helpful and co-operative in dealing.  Thanks and regards.”

“Daiva and Tasha were great!!!!…. and both actually exceeded my expectations.  I felt very welcomed and comfortable, and everything was well explained to me.  Reception was also very friendly, warm and helpful.  This is actually the best experience I have had as a client anywhere, in a very long time.  The staff are very respectful and considerate of people’s privacy and the card machines in the offices were also a nice touch.  I look forward to coming by the clinic again and hope to be a long term customer.  Oh and by the way… everyone’s hair looked fabulous….I felt so encouraged.”

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