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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…A testament to a great service. Excellent presentation…”

“Mariana Almeida explained everything clearly with pleasant attitude.  Gayzen Weiner, Treatment Advisor, she was very helpful regarding my special course of treatment and found her very friendly and over all she made me comfortable and at ease.  I was happy with the receptionists too and the lady who shampooed my hair was very pleasant and gave very good head massage.  Thank you all!”

“Danka was able to relate to my pressing need for professional advice concerning hair loss, which I have experienced over a period of four years during which time nothing constructive had been achieved in addressing the problem.  Danka offered the confidence necessary for making a start in trying to stabilize the situation but was totally frank in making it clear that hair line had been lost and the scarring such that the hair could not be recovered in the area. Danka asked the Doctor to look at the problem and the points that she had made were then confirmed through a further and even closer inspection.  Tasha gave me an overview to the costs involved.  She then explained how the treatment would be applied and the methods of payment.   Receptionists were welcoming and most attentive in making sure that I felt comfortable with the procedures of the clinic.”

Belgravia Centre Piccadilly (740)

“Danka was very polite and courteous and conducted the consultation in a professional and informative manner. Excellent!!  Tasha was also very professional and ensured that I had a full understanding of what was going on.  She ensured that the pace at which she spoke was ideal as there was a lot of information to take in.  I was impressed by her professional but relaxed manner which ensured that our discussion was more of a conversation rather than a consultation.  This helped me to relax.  She was clearly informed of her job role and experienced.  One major point of feedback is that she needs to learn her geography better as she feels Watford is in north-west London (it is, but it was great fun teasing her!!)  She also disappointed me when I asked her to call my wife and ask her not to stress me out by saying she will leave me if I lose my hair!! That is quite stressful.  All in all these 2 were both very impressive and helpful.  A testament to a great service.  Excellent presentation.  I was dealt with quickly and the receptionists all seemed to be smiling and happy with what they were doing.  As someone who represents US celebrities I am very much aware of presentation and was very impressed with the positive manner in which I was greeted and attended to at all times.  They were all well-presented and dressed in smart attire.  It is also very helpful that they were all ravishingly attractive!! If I wasn’t married – seriously!!  I was very impressed by everything and I can assure you this is not an easy thing for me as my job role leads me to criticise more than compliment.  In terms of results, of course this we will wait to see but I am very optimistic and this is down to the way everything was dealt with.”

“Loida very helpful… calm, honest and answered all of my questions.  Gayzen very helpful and pleasant to talk to… again answered all of my questions and discussed clearly all options.  Very happy with reception staff also, during my wait they apologised for delay.  Katy was very smiley and helpful.  Sophie who conducted my hair treatment (wash..etc) was really nice, and also answered all of my concerns and questions.  Was lovely to chat to her during my treatment.”

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