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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “Rali was extremely helpful and kind”


“Rali was extremely helpful and kind when carrying out the examination. She also gave me great advise. I would definitely like to see this hair specialist more regularly when continuing my hair treatment. Farzana was very helpful and gave me good prices for the treatment according what I was diagnosed. Reception were kind and friendly, the centre is very clean and the interior design was good.”

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“Paris – this lady was absolutely amazing. She was very nice and made me feel very relaxed. She answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed. Reception – I was welcomed with a smile which is always nice. I was dealt with straight away. The center I visited looked very welcoming, clean and professional.”

“Julia was friendly and explained all the treatments clearly. Very happy. Receptionists were Friendly and welcoming. The clinic was clean and professional environment. Workers/Specialists who really care about the patients.”

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